Sally Stuudio

Art School Tallinn

Aia 13b/Uus 16

Tallinn, Estonia

Sally Stuudio
pk 3233, 10505 Tallinn
Fon: +372 641 8518
Mail: annely[at]


Contact person : Annely Köster, director of the Art School

We speak and understand the following language/s: English, Estonian, Russian, German, Finnish

Short profile of the Art School:

The Sally Stuudio is a single Art school in the city of Tallinn, with 8 employees and reaching about 250 children and young people as students.

Number of inhabitants Estonia: 1,3 Million


Represented artistic profiles:

  • visual arts


Main interests in Arts4all, international work:

  • international contactsyouth exchange
  • touring exhibition
  • sspecial topics of art education/pedagogic
  • recommendation of lecturerers, authors, workshop leaders etc.
  • collaboration for a strong "Eksperimenta!"  network


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