Logo Kunst Connectie

Cultuurconnectie, brancheorganisatie voor cultuureducatie, amateurkunst en volksuniversiteitswerk

Kunstconnectie, sector association for cultural education, amateur art and adult education centers

Lucasbolwerk 11
fon : ++31 30 2303740
fax: ++31 30 2303749
mail: info[at]

Contact person: Jan Brands, director

We speak and understand the following language/s: Dutch, English, German

Short profile of the association:

Kunstconnectie is the national association of art and music schools, cultureschools and adult education centers

Members: 150 member institutions

Number of inhabitants Netherlands: 17 million


Represented artistic profiles:

  • visual arts
  • dance
  • theatre
  • literature
  • digital media
  • music


Main interests in Arts4all, international work:

  • international contacts
  • special topics of networking/political aims


Other interests:

  • collective labour agreements, employers affairs, entrepreneurs affairs


Related weblinks to own activities or important specialized partners: (Kunstfactor is the national organisation for all amateur arts associations)