Who we are

arts4all is a network of art and culture schools and centres of creativity and their national associations in Europe founded in 2005. The members are national associations of art or culture schools and also single institutions as representatives for their country. arts4all is therefore representing a huge amount of extra curricular activities for children, youth and adults in the field of nearly all artistic lines. They offer art projects, courses or workshops in short terms or continously for all people - the talented and also the just interested ones. 

arts4all wants to enhance the vivid exchange of responsibles regarding the importance of extra curricular cultural education for an open minded, creative and democratic society in Europe.

If you are interested in joining the network please contact us sirit.klimes[at]bjke.de.


arts4all wants to build up a vivid network of professionals in the field of art and cultureschools in order to

  • make international youth art projects and exchanges possible
  • improve the quality of art and culture schools by learning from each other
  • exchange about new challenges and methods to tackle them
  • strengthen the importance of cultural education for the young on a professional quality level
  • attract media attention to art and culture school work
  • give a European background and support for national and local work - political, strategical and pedagogical

arts4all is a young and growing network for professionals in strategic and pedagogical work in art and culture schools and centres of creativity in Europe.